black father reading to kids*(Via iDateDaily) – As we continue to see the number of single-parent homes sky rocket in the African American community, we are also affected in the dating arena.

It is a rare chance that you run across someone nowadays who does not have children from a previous relationship. People with children should not automatically be taken off of the dating market.

I strongly believe that parents trying to find a mate to build a strong, stable household is healthy for the child. However, the situation is a delicate one that everyone is definitely not able to conquer.

Here are 3 things to consider while dating when a child from a previous relationship is involved:

1. The co-parenting relationship between the mother and father of the child involved: Without a solid, mature partnership between mom and dad, you will not have a stable child who is prepared to welcome another mother- or father-figure into their lives. If the biological parents still have feelings for each other that cause them to handle situations involving the children immaturely, you have a serious problem on your hands. The child is only focused on the fact that “mommy and daddy” are dysfunctional. You then become someone who looks like a distraction. Some kids may form the opinion that you are the reason for the chaos, and in the case involving two immature adults that haven’t moved on, you probably are the culprit of someone’s jealous feelings and actions.

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