d.wade & g. union*(Via iDateDaily) – Ree, “The (Ree)lationship Guide” recently wrote five reasons why Gabrielle Union should dump Dwyane Wade; but what she seemed to have forgotten and/or not known is that industry insiders have warned us about Ms. Union years ago.

In fact, in 2009 an NBA player’s wife wrote an anonymous letter claiming the actress had a reputation for being a mistress to well-known and well-established men. Also according to the letter, the actress was linked to other men during her first marriage to former NFL star Chris Howard.

Following the announcement of Dwyane’s new son, I’ve read story after story about the reasons why Gabrielle should leave Dwyane. Being a young and wealthy NBA star, many people fail to acknowledge that Dwyane has options. He doesn’t have to walk down the aisle with Gabrielle or anyone and can keep living the single life.  So, here’s a a few reasons why Dwyane Wade might also want to run away from Gabrielle Union — from a guy’s point-of-view:

1)     Because he is young and can have any woman he wants – The baller’s life is a good one when it comes to women. In every city that they travel, there are hundreds or even thousands of beautiful women there waiting to sleep with them. When you’ve got options like that, why choose just one?

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