black couple fighting*(Via iDate Daily) – In relationships with former lovers that tread along the lines of being friendships but involve “unfriendly” acts (e.g. sεx, excessive time spent together, and excess money), people find themselves burned in the end.

A person may tell themselves they are holding onto a friendship with an ex or someone whom they are in love with solely to “be there” in times of need; however, they are selling themselves short on so many different levels.

They are not only selling themselves short, but they are also living on a hope and a dream deferred. Here are 3 ways to tell that you are living based on a dream deferred, and it is time to wake up and smell the coffee:

1) You find yourself consoling and comforting your “friend” in times of need, but the void of them being in your life as a significant other still exists: If you are constantly there for someone and no one is there for you, then you have found yourself in a one-sided friendship. You are doing everything to keep this person in your life and fill their hearts with joy, but yours is still broken. The only part of it all that makes you happy is the fact that you are still in contact with your “friend.” It also makes you happy that you still feel needed, but are you receiving what you need? Are you receiving the love you need? Or are you just receiving a bunch of “hello’s” and “thank you’s”? It’s time for your “friend” to say “What can I do for you?” ever so often.

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