black woman (hand on chin)*(Via iDateDaily) – If you have a profile on Facebook, you’re probably already aware of the ever-changing newsfeed that the social media giant keeps tweaking to keep its users engaged.

I often chuckle at the things Facebook decides to show me on my newsfeed: A friend’s status about dinner, a company’s status about products, and/or an intense debate in a group.

On Wednesday evening, Facebook decided to show me the latter; and it was truly eyeopening!

A female posted a meme reading “Do you spit or swallow?,” with an image of a woman licking her lips in the background.

The image attracted several hundred comments from men and women about spitting or swallowing sëmen during oral sëx. Woman after woman boasted and bragged about swallowing, while man after man challenged them to “prove” themselves, presumably by swallowing their sëmen.

In other words, this conversation was definitely rated R.

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