couple break up icon*(Via iDateDaily) – How does it feel to know that there are people exploiting your triumphs and your grievances?

When you marry, there are fees for the wedding, the invitations, the venue, the planner, etc. While there are many ways that you can skirt around the unfortunate path of spending thousands or millions of dollars on a wedding, there are people who are literally banking on your emotional vulnerability for financial gain.

For example, you don’t need the $2,500 horse and carriage but your wedding planner says it’ll make your exit that much more memorable.

You don’t need the $10,000 wedding cake with real 14-karat gold shavings, but the baker insists that it’ll be the prettiest wedding cake your guests will ever see.

Before you know it, you’ve spent $100,000 that you didn’t have and are going into a marriage with financial strain. But there’s more…

Since you’ve come into the marriage with financial strain, your partner has to work extra hours to replenish your bank account post-wedding.

The extra hours are causing stress, tension, and overall unhappiness in the relationship.

After three years of sulking in misery, you and your partner are heading to divorce court. Alas! Now you’re forced to hire an attorney and pay court fees for the divorce.

Oh yeah, if you have children, be prepared to spend a lot of time  and money in court.  And if you’re wealthy and have children, be prepared to spend even more  time and money in court. It’s all apart of a $50 billion industry built solely off of the promise of your failed marriage.

Lord have mercy! Interesting points.

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