rickrossmansion*Now that’s a big azz house Evander Holyfield had to give up!

The Former heavyweight champion sold his old crib in a public auction. And Rick Ross swooped in and bought it.

Reportedly the house costs $1 million annually to maintain… but that makes sense since it’s the biggest house in Georgia.

The auction of his home comes at no shock. It’s part of his foreclosure to overcome financial issues — bidding 450 items, which didn’t go as planned.

Holyfield filed suit against Julien’s Auction for trying to sell 20 memorabilia items.

The legal papers stated, “If, on the other hand, Holyfield is forced to sell those few items of personal property that have the very most sentimental value to him as he looks back over his career, and which he wants to pass down to future generations of his family, the hardship is overwhelming and irreparable.”

Surprisingly, as ginormous as it is, Ross’ new abode is only worth $7.5 million. The 109-roomed mansion features 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms and a dining room, which can seat 100 guests.

Ironically, Ross buying Holyfield’s home could be a direct jab at 50 Cents who bought Mike Tyson old mansion.