Shaka King Newlyweeds

*Filmmaker Shaka King is bringing the culture of Brooklyn to the big screen with his debut feature “Newlyweeds.”

“Newlyweeds” is a film based on a stoner romance, which have critics raving after its Sundance Film Festival release.

“This movie is going to be very polarizing and I made it that way purposefully,” King told HipHollywood during an exclusive interview. “It’s about a couple in Brooklyn who are in love with weed and in love with each other.”

The film stars Amari Cheato and performing artist Trae Harris. According to King, the two bring something very special to the screen.

“They both bring an authenticity, but feel like real people. All of our conversations were about making them as real as possible. They bring a certain level of authenticity and level of rage. It takes skilled performers to pull off this type of film,” Shaka explained.

But the writer-director urges viewers not to think of the film as merely a stoner-comedy but rather a feature with a real undertone. “This movie is a much more realistic portrayal of that lifestyle, it’s a very real movie. Even though it does adopt some of the classic stoner comedies, unlike the other classic stoner flicks, it has a serious layer to it. It’s a movie that makes you feel a little stoned. Visually it’s also shot well,” Shaka shared.

As a rookie filmmaker, King shared that he was influenced by a number of directors, but it was legendary director Spike Lee and writer-comedian, Louis C.K, of FX’s smash hit, Louie, that really helped influence the way the movie was made.

“The way Spike shoots Brooklyn, the way his early films incorporated the the culture of the neighborhood, that is something I was influenced by and something I tried to bring to the film. In the case of Louis, his show does a phenomenal job. He never really forces the jokes. All his jokes comes from real situations and truth,” King shared.

“People are going to love this film because it’s a nostalgia that they will have to old New York movies as this place that is beautiful and culturally rich. I think that viewers are going to connect to it in that way, the nostalgic prospective. I’ve never seen this place ever on film,” the 33-year-old explained.

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