zaire holmes

Zaire Holmes

*How does one win a Juicy J twerking scholarship without actually twerking?

Let’s find out from 19-year-old college student Zaire Holmes.

Well, the single mother and biological sciences major read the fine print, which didn’t state you HAD to drop that thun thun.

While many probably did drop and pop it, this is what she came up with below:

She received help from classmates and professors to produce the video and explain why she is  an “exceedingly motivated, hardworking mom and student” deserving of the scholarship.

Although the scholarship is called a twerking scholarship, Juicy J didn’t go with any young woman shaking her behind.

“Fifty-thousand is a lot of money. And I just don’t wanna waste it on some chick twerking her ass,” Juicy J said.

But not everyone is buying it. According to TRUTH Minista Paul Scott, he revealed secrets behind the scholarship.

Watch Juicy J’s original scholarship posting below: