Blood, Sweat & Heels*What do a video vixen turned realtor, a modeling agency owner, an affordable-style expert, a relationship blogger, and a pop culture journalist have in common?

A reality show!

The ladies of Bravo’sBlood, Sweat & Heels” dish about blogging and boozing on Bethenny.

We have a sneak peak of tomorrows show. Watch:

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Bethenny: Mica, did someone called you a drunk?

Mica: Of course there’s gonna be controversy about drinking but I am not a drunk. You’ll see through the show that I go through a lot of serious family issues, stressful issues. So in regards to that and that evening…yeah, yeah.

Daisy: Anyone who lives in New York city, that is in fashion or media, social drinking is something that happens every day. What I found interesting, was when Mica was getting those accusations that she was a drunk, we all had glasses in our hand. Blood Sweat Heels Mica HughesMica: I have a playful personality with or without alcohol. That is me. Now granted throughout the season you will see that I went through some very serious and tough family and personal issues…so did I have one glass too many, here and there, that I got a little too saucy? Yes, I’m human. I’m not perfect. Yes, you will see that.

Daisy: We like wine, that’s the bottom line, we like wine! Click below to watch.

Bethenny: Demetria you have a blog and write about your experiences, and you’ve written about this experience. And some of you got a little pissed off…which is interesting cause you’ve chosen to go on reality TV. So, Demetria writes about you and you’re bothered…Who particularly is aggravated by this? Blood, Sweat & Heels Geneva: I had some issues with it and it wasn’t what she wrote, it was how it was written. I felt like some of the content was not really contextualized, it didn’t tell the whole story. I know, I was vocal about my past relationship…I was cheated on. It was a very, very traumatic breakup. And then we spoke about the issue of snooping – like whether or not, you should snoop on your man. And I said, ‘I did and thank God I did.’ So when Demetria wrote about it, I felt like it didn’t have all the context or the full story.

Demetria: I didn’t write the blog with a malicious intent. I didn’t name any names, I didn’t maliciously attack anyone. It was about quotes.

Click below to watch.

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Daisy: But the blog was specifically about me and Brie. It wasn’t general. Demetria: No, it was about the subject of women being able to lead. I used quotes that you guys had said to back up the perspective that I was taking, but it wasn’t about you in particular. It wasn’t about Daisy did ‘X.’ I didn’t use your names.

Geneva: But we’re past it.

What do you think of Mica and Demetria’s behavior? And where was Melyssa Ford?

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