suge knightWe suppose an argument could be made that Suge Knight and the now late actor James Avery favor each other.

Well, if so, that’s all some folks on Twitter needed to start tweeting RIPs to both Knight and Avery who, as we reported earlier, passed away Tuesday night.

According to The Epoch Times, some also tweeted photos of rapper Rick Ross, saying “RIP.”

Some people on Twitter posted “RIP James Avery” and included a picture of Suge Knight, the former head of Death Row records, because the two bear a likeness to one another.

Some also wrote “RIP Suge Knight” and included a photo of Avery. “Rest in peace Suge Knight,” tweeted another.

“The Suge Knight pics over RIP Uncle Phil already? The internet never surprises me on how fast they work,” wrote one Twitter user. 

Another added: “Somebody tweeted #RIPUnclePhil and put a picture of Suge Knight, I can’t..”

Last year, when Nelson Mandela died, users posted photos of Morgan Freeman, saying “RIP Nelson Mandela.”

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