Armond White*Steve McQueen, you have been avenged.

According to media sources, the man allegedly responsible for heckling the “12 Years A Slave” director last week during the New York Film Critics Circle’s (NYFCC) annual awards ceremony, Armond White (pictured above), has been expelled from the group,

White, a former NYFCC chair, is known for hating films loved by other critics and loving films they hate .

The CityArts writer’s expulsion stemmed from his reaction to McQueen accepting the NYFCC’s best director award for “12 Years A Slave” last Monday at the dinner.

A reporter for Variety who sat near White , noted how the critic reportedly yelled “You’re an embarrassing doorman and garbage man! F— you! Kiss my ass.” to McQueen.

Despite all the love shown to “12 Years A Slave” by critics,” White was in the minority with his review of the film, which he compared to “torture-porn” films like “Hostel” and “The Human Centipede.”

Although he went on the offensive, blasting “the misreporting and the repetition of lies,” White passed on addressing whether he’d yelled at McQueen. “It was talk among my tablemates,” he told “The Variety and Wire lines are outright misquotes and lies. You might want to ask why the gutter bloggers continue to misquote and distort the event and NYFCC history.”

Ultimately, the NYFCC apologized to McQueen and Fox Searchlight for White’s outburst as it vowed it would be “taking disciplinary action.”

The incident with McQueen isn’t the first time White has gone off the rails. While hosting the NYFCC’s award’s dinner in 2011, White was reportedly hostile towards winners. Just last year, he reportedly yelled “f— you!” at presenter Michael Moore.

From the looks of it, White isn’t the only writer on the outs with the NYFCC. Lou Lumenick, the New York Post’s chief film critic, got the boot with a one-year

The group also suspended New York Post chief film critic Lou Lumenick for one year for tweeting voting results and runners-up from their voting process.

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