lebron james*Sheesh! This actually happened.

Friday night, LeBron James walked up to the bar at an Orlando hotel during the Orange Bowl and asked for a drink.

The bartender asked for his ID.

Huh, what?! Yes, seriously.

How old is LeBron? 29. Hell, LeBron James looked 29 when he 19. Just sayin’.

How the hell do you NOT recognize one of the biggest superstars on the planet? Duh.

And as you know James has a beard and a receding hairline. There’s no way in he looks even remotely under 21.There’s no way this knucklehead bartender should’ve thought otherwise. He needs to be fired. This is an outrage! And no, an apology won’t do. OK, we’re just messin’ witcha now. 🙂

Ok, back to the story, so what was LeBron’s response? The Miami Herald has that answer:

James didn’t tell the bartender who he was, but was surprised to be carded.

“Look at my beard!” he said.

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source: Bleacher Report