SWV*They may be the latest music act to enter the reality TV realm, but the members of SWV are determined to remain the same despite the increased exposure.

Fans can see for themselves who Coko Clemons, Lelee Lyons and Taj George are outside of what they see and hear when “SWV Reunited” makes its debut on WE tv.

For anyone looking for a new version of ‘R&B Divas,’ you may have to look elsewhere as Coko offers a strategy on how to not fall victim to the lure of reality TV drama.

“We were aware that the cameras were there and they were filming everything. You gotta be smart when you’re taping reality TV. You can’t just act any kinda crazy way. You gotta think smart,” she told Sister2Sister. “I don’t think we’re acting like Kelly Price [of “R&B Divas: LA”].”

“I agree. We definitely don’t behave that way,” Taj added, while alluding to Price’s onscreen persona, which the “Not My Daddy” vocalist referenced to editing. “It was such a drastic change from the person you know and see singing from the person who was on camera. We’re not that different. I don’t think that their perception of us will be much different from what it is now.”

Overall, Lelee maintains that viewers will “get a chance to see who we are behind the music,” especially in this day of celebrity access being more prevalent than ever.

“It’s definitely necessary,” she said. “You have a lot of people who are not SWV fans. Whoever can’t connect with us musically, can connect with us personally. It’s important to me that they like something about us, whatever that something is for them…then I think our job is done.”

As any reality star can tell you, the medium is a prime target for those who are not ashamed to express how they really feel about anyone they like or can’t stand.

“Some of the comments…people are just crazy,” Taj said. “You have some who absolutely love you. Some don’t know a thing about you and can’t stand the cells in your body. You have to realize, these people know nothing about you. They’re basing their hatred off of what they see on television.”

“SWV Reunited” premieres at 10 p.m. EST Thursday on WE tv. To see part 1 of the premiere, check out the video below: