teleka patrick*(Via Mlive) – KALAMAZOO, MI — On the same day a judge signed an order for Dr. Teleka Patrick to stay away from a Grand Rapids minister, the Kalamazoo medical resident tweeted worries she was experiencing “one big psychotic break.”

In a long string of Twitter posts Sept. 17, less than three months before her Dec. 5 disappearance, Patrick wrote about her unrequited love for an unnamed man and her struggle to determine whether they had a genuine telepathic, psychic connection or the romance was a figment of her imagination.

“My mind totally broke down and melted,” Patrick, 30, wrote about her doubts. “And started telling me it’s all a lie, it’s voices, and I’m crazy. That’s why I stopped coming to where you work. Because I was so scared it was all a lie. And I was very confused. … I really thought this whole situation was in my mind. Like the entire thing — feeling kisses and pleasure, the revelation from God about you, coming here for a job. 

“Like I thought everything was a one big psychotic break and I had lost 7 months of life in a psychotic state. I started freaking out,” she wrote.

But by looking at the man’s public posts on social media, which Patrick thought contained coded messages to her, “I realized it wasn’t a lie,” she wrote. “… So shortly after that, God connected us again. And I was able to hear your thoughts in my head and communicate with you by thought. We could both do it. And you were able to be inside of my mind.”

On the same day Patrick was writing about her telepathic re-connection, Grand Rapids minister and gospel singer Marvin Sapp, 46, obtained a personal protection order in which he said Patrick was stalking him.

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