Whose behavior is worse, Justin Bieber or NFL player Richard Sherman? Sadly, race is the deciding factor for whom to label a ‘thug.’ Plus: read Justin Bieber’s arrest report.

justin bieber (being restrained by bodyguard)*(Via Daily Beast) – Which person would you call a “thug:”

A. The guy caught on camera screaming at and physically threatening a photographer? The person arrested for drag racing and admittedly driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol? The guy being sued for assaulting a photographer?  Or,

B. An NFL football player who gave a very animated interview moments after making the game winning play in the biggest game of his career? The graduate of Stanford University who started a foundation to raise money to buy supplies for impoverished inner city schools?

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Simple question, right? The answer would be A. except I forget to mention one fact: A is white and B is black. And that’s all the difference some people need in deciding whom to label a “thug.”

I’m, of course, talking about Justin Bieber and Seattle Seahawks star Richard Sherman.  This week we saw an ugly display of racist slurs directed at Sherman simply because of the overly excited comments he made after the Seahawks won the NFC championship game.

To be brutally honest, the reason so many white people had an issue with Sherman’s interview was because in their view he was being an “uppity” black man. He wasn’t giving the cliché:  “I want to thank God and my teammates” post-game speech that they wanted from him. Instead, he was speaking his mind, which at that moment was focused upon his on field war with San Francisco 49er receiver Michael Crabtree.

The backlash against Sherman was vicious and despicable. Some unleashed a flurry of racial slurs on social media. Others chose to label Sherman a “thug.”

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