nexus 5*Hello Technology Lovers and Fellow Gadgeteers. Happy New Year!

In this edition of #Gigabits,  we are going to touch on some of the top mobile devices of 2013. Yeah.. i know.. its 2014. But if you are in the market for a new smartphone and Santa didn’t stick one in your stocking. You might want to consider these choices

iphone 5siPhone 5s- Rated the overall best smartphone in 2013 by, this phone definitely was worth the wait.  Apple made the most of its flagship by adding a better camera, a fingerprint scanner, and a new Gold edition. Under the hood, Apple increased the speed and also added a 64 bit processor. Most of us don’t know what that means, but it basically means the iPhone 5s can graphics faster which helps in playing games without any noticeable lag.  Although it isn’t the cheapest phone you can buy. Best Buy is offering it for 75.00 off the original 199.99 price tag, so you can snag one for 124.99 (with a 2 year contract of course) which is actually relatively good. Although for all the new photos you might be taking I would recommend the 32GB model which is 100.00 buck more. Over the holidays, Apple made a phenomenal commercial that seemed to touch everyone that watched it. If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is…

moto xMoto X- if you not an apple user, the next phone I would recommend would be the Moto X.  Google bought Motorola a few years back and this phone is the lovechild of that merger. There are two special features i’d like to mention in discussing this phone. A. Touchless Control. – yes .. you can now just talk to your phone and it will respond . All you have to say is “ Ok Google” and it will follow your every command. You don’t even to touch it. Just tell it what to do .. So all you Star Trek fans can rejoice. Another great thing about this phone is that it’s customizable! You can create your own version of the phone and it will ship to you in about 4 days! All you have to do is visit and you can design and create your own phone. Also its manufactured right here at the Motorola plant in the good old USA. Just in time for the new year, the price of the Moto X without a contract is 399.00 for the 16GB version. If you want a contract.. I think you can get this one for about 99.00 through all four major carriers, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. Check out the video below to see how Google Now  and Touchless Controls work.


Nexus 5-  Every year Google creates a phone to showcase what Android can do, this year was no exception. The Nexus 5 debuted on October 31st and packed a ton of features (albeit not touchless control) in a sleek device. The best thing about the nexus brand is that it usually receives the latest build of Android dubbed “KitKat” before any of the other Android phones do. Another great thing about this phone is the price. The 16GB model is only 349.00  and the 32GB is 399.00, (plus tax ,of course). This is my personal phone. I constantly switch between the iPhone and the Nexus every year and have also had my pro’s and cons about both, but I chose to wait until next year to see what the iPhone 6 has in store . It can be purchased on Sprint, Verizon or T-Mobile or unlocked just by visiting . Check out the promotional video below.

So there you have it , the best three smart phones for 2014 from the Gadget Guy’s perspective. Hopefully this article has given you some insight and you will be able to choose wisely. Follow me on Twitter @gogogadgetguy.  AND  sharing is caring, so if you like this article, do me a favor press the like button. Let’s make 2014 the year of success both in personal and professional relationships. Until next week. This the Gadget Guy signing out.