don lemon*Yes, he absolutely said it ’cause he is ‘pissed!’

“He” would be CNN anchor Don Lemon who, like a lot of folks, is not at all happy with the jury verdict in the Michael Dunn “loud Music”/murder case.  The jurors they say they can’t agree on the first degree murder count/charge.

“This is ridiculous!,” Lemon emphatically stated several times. Then he went in on Dunn saying there was absolutely no justification for the accused to have confronted Jordan Davis for playing loud music in the first place.

“You go over, you start the altercation, and then you can’t deal with it and then you decide to shoot someone, and all of a sudden it’s someone else’s fault that you’re on trial for murder? It’s absolutely ridiculous!”

Then Lemon took note of all the people pointing out online how angry he’s been over the case, saying:

“I know people are saying Don Lemon is pissed on Twitter. Yes, I am pissed! I am absolutely pissed!”

Lemon continued: “I think there needs to be a Mind Your Business law that goes along with the Stand Your Ground law.”