sensitive nigger

*An anonymous racially charged letter to a black student is fanning the flames of racial hatred on the campus of the UCLA School of Law.

According to The Huffington Post, the note was sent to Alexis Gardner, a UCLA student. It read, “Stop being a sensitive nigger.”

An investigation surrounding the message is currently underway. Nancy Greenstein, a spokeswoman for UCLA’s police department, told the Post that the hate mail incident was reported Monday.

Although the note to Gardner was computer-printed in bold black letters, Greenstein mentioned that it would be difficult to determine who wrote the note’s authorship based on fingerprints.

UCLA student Alexis Gardner note

The anonymous note to Gardner is the latest in a string of racial incidents at the School of Law.

The release of a student-produced video to raise awareness about the lack of diversity at the law school was followed by reports of posters and flyers from black student organizations being pulled down.

The blog Above the Law acknowledged an incident in November that involved students wearing T-shirts declaring support for UCLA professor Richard Sander, whose work argues against affirmative action.

To see reaction among black students to the racial tension at UCLA, click on video below: