broncos sb meme1*We’re not members of the Peyton Manning led  Denver Broncos football squad, nor are we fans of the NFL team.

Having said that, we think we know how both the team/organization and their fans feel. It sucks to lose. And it sucks the big one when you lose the Super Bowl like they did to the Seattle Seahawks 43-8.

And of course when you lose a big game in the fashion they did, by just getting completely dominated, you know somebody out there in Twitter land is set to have a grand old time at your expense.

We’re talking about being on the receiving end of hilarious, side splitting memes. Yep, right now you wouldn’t wanna be Manning or the Broncos or one of their biggest fans/supporters, Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr.

And speaking of Mayweather, now, we don’t know if it’s true, but “Money” will have a little less in his pockets because of Seattle. He supposedly laid down a $10 million wager on the Broncos. Wonder what’s he’s thinking right about now. We don’t know of course, but we’d be willing to bet his  meme below pretty much says it all.  🙂

Look, crack up and enjoy!

broncos super bowl meme2broncos super bowl meme3broncos super bowl meme4broncos - floyd mayweather jr. meme5

Hat tip to Eben Gregory