tavis & cornel*Yes, I’m on an absolute mission, and if I’m successful, which I intend to be, I will have made a huge contribution to the Black community.

So this has gradually become a life’s mission for me. As I mentioned in a recent discussion, these two represent the very same kind of Black people who delivered African-Americans into slavery when we were in Africa: “Hurry, everyone, and bring your children! The nice White man wants to take you for a boat-ride!”

So, for me, the exposure of Tavis Smiley and Cornel West as frauds represents a debt that’s way past due. And they don’t need to be simply admonished, they should to be completely, and permanently, boycotted by the Black community. We need to make examples of them as a warning to anyone who may be contemplating following in their footsteps. We’ve got to make pimping the Black community an act of treason, and brought to an end, once and for all.  

The hostility that Tavis Smiley and Cornel West have for President Obama is so transparent that if it were glass we would have walked right through it and cut ourselves to shreds. These two are shameless, and it’s not only a national disgrace how the establishment media is allowing them to prance around posing as the savior of the poor and middle class, but they’re actually helping them to perpetuate this fraud by providing them constant coverage and millions of dollars worth of publicly supported air time.

These two thought that they were gonna become the Grand Dragons of the Black Community – which is a very profitable gig when you’re in the business of selling ALEC-connected corporations access to the Black community like Tavis Smiley. Tavis is the biggest corporate shill in the Black community. He fronts for Wal-Mart, Wells Fargo, Exxon/Mobile, Allstate Ins., Nationwide Ins., etc. – a veritable who’s who of the corporations that are most responsible for victimizing the poor and middle class in the country, and who are spending millions of dollars to obstruct minority voter rights. That’s what makes it so ironic that they’re trying to portray themselves as the saviors of “the poor minorities.”

During Obama’s first campaign for president Smiley and West had already hitched their wagons to Hillary Clinton. She was 37 points ahead of Obama in the Black community at the time, so they were all set to gain the clout, prestige, and riches of having presidential access and being acknowledged as the new grand viziers of the Black community. But then, Obama won the election – in spite of their most ardent efforts – and caught them by surprise. In fact, Cornel West tried to jump the fence and began campaigning for Obama when it became clear that Obama might actually win, but Obama wasn’t having it. That’s what caused the controversy over West not being invited to the inaugural celebration.

At the time, West tried to frame the issue like Obama was an ingrate for not inviting him to the inauguration after he campaigned for him. But he failed to mention the fact that less than an hour after Obama announced his candidacy for President of the United States West went on national television and told the Black community that Obama couldn’t be trusted.

That’s right – on the very day that Obama went to Springfield, Illinois to maximize the historic significance of announcing his candidacy for president in the shadow of Lincoln’s former statehouse instead of coming on Tavis’ “State of the Black Union” jibfest, West stood up and did an impassioned rant indicating that Obama couldn’t be trusted to be president because he didn’t come on the Tavis Smiley show, as though Tavis was the gatekeeper of the Black community – and all the while Tavis is standing there grinnin’ like a chess cat as though they’d caught Obama committing some sort of unconscionable act.
Look at the video below and notice how entitled West sounds, as though it was more appropriate for Obama to come kiss Tavis’ ring than to announce his candidacy in the shadow of Lincoln’s former statehouse. I remember becoming slack-jawed at his unmitigated arrogance. Up until that moment I had been a big fan of both Tavis and West, but that was when I first realized that they were egomaniacal fools. That was also the morning that I started investigating them, and I’ve written nearly 30 articles on them since.

The video is also ironically prophetic. Notice how even as West is lecturing the nation on how Obama is surrounding himself with people who can’t be trusted, you can see Wells Fargo and Exxon/Mobil logos floating by in the background behind him. What makes that so prophetically ironic is Tavis was later involved in the Wells Fargo “Ghetto Loans” scam, where Wells Fargo ended up having to settled a lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice agreeing to pay poor and middle-class minorities $175 million as a result of the scam. This is the biggest scandal EVER perpetrated by a Black man on the Black community, but the establishment media is refusing to cover it. That’s why I’ve become so fixated on bringing the machinations of these two demagogues to the attention of the Black community . . . (MORE)

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Eric Wattree

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