flex alexander

*Actor and comedian Flex Alexander is the creator of digital comic book series, “The Joshua Run” and has just released the second episode of the series.

The story focuses on David Joshua, a computer hacker for hire who specializes in making people’s ‘problems’ go away. He’s the “hook-up” guy for all those parking ticket and bad grade needs.

One day, David comes across an encrypted government file. It was much more that what he was asking for. It’s a trail of plans, evidence and more linking the government to corruption in West Africa and stealing natural resources.

Once David opened the file, he exposed himself to a brand new enemy. He’s then on the run, dodging mercenaries and government agents vehement about keeping their secrets on the hush.

Joshua Run“The concept I had created for a television series for a friend of mine who was over at Lionsgate,” Flex said. “But he subsequently ended up leaving Lionsgate, so I was just sitting there like, man I had this idea. So a mutual friend introduced me to Dave Stewart II (CEO of Lion Forge).”

After introducing Flex introduced his concept, the two started working together on a new comic book.

Now Flex is on his second comic book in the series and plans to keep the momentum going.

Lion Forge Comics has also partnered with former UFC fighter Rampage Jackson for the “Rampage Jackson: Street Soldier,” which is currently available.

In the meantime, Flex is busy with other forms of diversification.

He said he and his wife Shanice are working on a new television reality show, but the details were sparse.

“We want to let the network to be the network to do the splash. But we can say this; it’s no ratchedness,” he laughed. “It’s about family and love and just going back to old school the way things used to be in the household.”

Speaking of reality shows, the actor tried to be as nice as he could without calling out names, vouching for the quality television out there.

“My wife loves reality T.V. She Tivo’s it and sits down and gets her watch on. I like street dramas though. We have friends that are on a couple of show, so we watch and support,” he said. “But there are some that set us back, with the violence you know. I think there’s something for everyone I guess. For what we want to do, we want to have it’s own natural drama, things that happen naturally in the family and things we deal with and how we deal with them, rather than conjure up something.”

And on family drama, like many, Flex’s heart was heavy with grief when the verdict for Trayvon Martin’s killer was given.

“It’s deep. We have to take it all the way back to Emmett Till. It’s senseless violence period. It’s sad where we are in 2013 is terrible. For anyone to think that Zimmerman was really trying to protect, or whatever he said he was doing, and he sought [Trayvon] out, it’s silly. If he didn’t get out of the car, Trayvon would still be alive.”

Flex’s comic book, “The Joshua Run” is available for digital download on Amazon Kindle Bookstore, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble’s The Nook Book Store and Kobo.