george-zimmerman*George Zimmerman may be on many people’s ‘most hated’ list, but things have risen to another level.

Reports say Zimmerman hightailed it out of Miami after learning that there is a $10,000 bounty on his head.

The former neighborhood watchman became aware of the bounty last week while spending time with his girlfriend and her child on the beach in Miami. Soon after recognizing him, people began harassing Zimmerman.

At one point, someone shouted at Zimmerman, saying there is a $10,000  bounty on his head. Zimmerman immediately went to his hotel room, where he had security do a sweep of his room to make sure no one had tampered with his stuff.

In light of some of his hecklers following him in the hotel, Zimmerman requested that a member of the security force be present at all times in front of his door. The following day, Zimmerman took off for an undisclosed location after completing an interview with CNN.

TMZ reports that by all accounts, the bounty on Zimmerman’s head is real. In addition, an online video shows a member of the Black Panthers claims they are putting together $1 million dollars as a reward for the man who brings in George Zimmerman.

To see the video of the Black Panthers offering a bounty for George Zimmerman, click on the video below: