doug williams, russell wilson,*The first has to put in his two cents.

Legendary QB Doug Williams speaks on Russell Wilson leading a the Super Bowl.

Like him, Williams led his team to a victory.

What’s special about the two — they are the only black QBs to win the Super Bowl championship with Williams being first.

There’s nothing like an legend congratulating  on your success your work. “It’s truly amazing for a young guy like that to come in and lead his team to a victory,” Wilson said of the Seahawks quarterback.

…Especially when a legend has nothing, but positive comments on your performance.

“Last year he was close and I think they all got together and said, ‘Close is not good  enough. We’re going to get this thing done.’ This kid played with so much pause and confidence. It’s unbelievable,” said Williams to NewsOneNow’s Roland Martin.

Wilson could have been MVP, but he wasn’t. Williams explained why not.

“The way defense played, I knew it was going to a be a defensive guy but I was hoping that he’d be it because he really played with so much pause,” said Williams. “[Wilson] made some plays. He made about three or four throws – five throws at least – that were big time. If they had named him MVP, they wouldn’t have been wrong.”