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laroyce hawkins - as chi cop*LaRoyce Hawkins is really psyched about his role as Officer Kevin Atwateron NBC’s new police drama “Chicago P.D.” airing Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET and 9 CT.

You might say the show hits home because the former stand-up comedian was born and raised in the small city of Harvey, a suburb of the Windy City.

“It feels great I’m not going to lie to you to be able to shoot something in Chicago being from the area.”

When asked whether he’s like the character he plays, Hawkins was quick to say, “I think I’m a lot like my character to be honest with you. I think when the producers and the writers found out that I was from Harvey– they kind of took that and ran with it a little bit.”

So one has to wonder what part of Atwater is like Hawkins. He explains, “My character is where I’m from. He’s a lot like me in the way that he promotes parties and concerts. He’s a powerful social butterfly.”

This is a role that theIllinois State University graduate first played in “Chicago Fire,” another NBC show, as the title suggests is about firefighters in Chicago – their lives and bravery.

Now that theXXII Olympic Winter Gameshave come to a close “Chicago P.D.” is back with an extra special newepisode.

Look for Law & Order: SVUairing at 9 p.m. ET (the hour before “Chicago P.D.”)to crossover with the police drama.

Hawkins is ecstatic that the long running legal, crime seriesis a lead in to his show maintaining, “It’s a blessing in my opinion.”

He’s not shy about letting it be known that he likes his job – especially when he gets feedback from the men and womenwith a real badge in Chicago.

“It does make me feel good when cops come up to me and say that I represent them well or that they’re proud that I’m doing this role.”

One role he’s not playing in real life is husband. Hawkins is happily single – having fun playing the field. In fact he doesn’t mind saying he’s “as single as a dollar bill right now.”

Relentless coaxing to tell more about his love life was to no avail. Hawkinswould only say, “I’m pretty busy. I try to stay as focused as possible. You know I get distracted by honies easily. My career is priority right now.”

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