magic johnson (not happy)

*Magic Johnson is being sued by a company for copyright infringement and has asked the judge to seal all video and paper evidence in the case.

According to Radar Online, Johnson filed the request on Feb. 11 as part of his ongoing lawsuit with Celebrity Cards International [CCI], a company that claims he broke an agreement to sell “Magic Card Cash” cards with them, only to sign a similar deal with a competitor, OneWestBank.

CCI is suing Johnson for copyright infringement and unfair competition.

Johnson denies the allegations, but as part of the lawsuit he has been required to sit for a video recorded deposition, give testimony, and submit documents related to his businesses.

“Given Johnson’s status as a world-renowned celebrity, those recordings, transcripts and documents could be particularly susceptible to misuse if not adequately protected,” the court documents, obtained by Radar, claim. “Accordingly, the parties have met and conferred and agreed” to ask a judge to have them sealed.

The documents note that such an action is commonplace when a celebrity or similarly high-profile individual is involved.