marshawn lynch*What a sweet as candy new deal.

Marshawn Lynch is now endorsing Skittles — his favorite candy.

But this comes at no surprise. He’s been eating Skittles his whole life.

When he was a child his mother called them “power pellets.” Now he’s living out a second dream and getting paid for it. He’s Skittles first paid athlete.

$10,000 will go to his Fam First Foundation for every touchdown he scores at the Super Bowl. 

He’s endorsing  blue and green special edition Skittles. They were colored after the Seattle Seahawks.  But the Skittles crazed doesn’t end there.

The Skittles can be found at the supermarkets all over Seattle this Super Bowl weekend.

Not only that, but fan restaurants are using the product in hot sausages links and on the side burgers — like Seattle’s CenturyLinkField selling the “beast mode” burger with a side of skittles.

It still doesn’t end there! Skittles will be giving away football, football helmet and megaphone all Skittles-coded.

They are reeling in this honoring of the Seattle Seahawk’s 12th man.