pre grammy party (ne-yo)*Ne-Yo, the multi-talented singer/songwriter has chosen the day for lovers to share “3 Simple Rules”, three new songs to aid in making this February 14th memorable.

First up is “New Love”, a retro sounding ditty that’s inspired by Ne-Yo’s first rule, keeping love new. That’s followed by rule #2, “understanding what you have is bigger than this”; he croons through “Bigger Than This”, reminding listeners their silly fights pale in comparison to the love they share. Finally, he shuts the lights off with the sexually charged “Gotchu Right”, which coincides with his most important rule, which he says is “always get her right.”

However, the gem of the offerings may be the “Outro,” though short and sweet, ends with a “See y’all soon” teaser from Ne-Yo.

The unexpected gift from Ne-Yo serves as an appetizer to his upcoming project, as well as releases from the talent he’s assembled on Compound Entertainment.

Listen to Ne-Yo’s “3 Simple Rules” below: