ass shots*(Via iDateDaily) – Kim Kardashian and her exοtic dancer colleague, Black Chyna,  shook up the web when Kim posted a$$ shots of the two on her Instagram account.

Many people criticized the new mom/bride-to-be, stating that the photo exudes a lack of class. Others, predominantly men, praised the women in the photo and (explicitly) expressed their thoughts about it.

The question is, are women ready to retire the tired/infamous a$$ shot photo? Don’t we usually complain about men’s hasty request of intimacy before the first date?

Exactly what message is a woman promoting when she chooses to make her a$$ the primary focus of a photo?

If you’re a woman who snaps photos of her a$$ and posts them on social media in hopes of becoming famous the “Kim Kardashian way,” just ask Montana Fishburne, the daughter of respected actor Laurence Fishburne,  how that panned out for her.

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