keri hilson & her feet

*(Via iDateDaily) – I’m intrigued by things that trigger male and female attraction.

Some people may refer to these things as fëtishes, others prefer to simply label them preferences. Whatever you call it, it fascinates me.

One example of these “triggers” is an obsession with feet, or as it’s commonly referenced, a foot fëtish.

There are men who become so arοused by a woman’s feet that they don’t need any form of fοreplay or even an enticing visual of their woman’s body, except her feet.

These men tend to be attracted to women’s manicured toes and would virtually eat them if they could.

But what happens if the woman you’re dating has unattractive feet? As a man who enjoys a little “foot play,” does that alter your ability to become excited in the bedroom?

Is it something you can work around? These are some of the many questions I have, after viewing pictures of beautiful celebrity women with hideous feet.

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