richard sherman & kid*They say first impressions make a huge impact and are difficult to change. The key word is difficult, not “impossible.”

Unfortunately Seattle Seahawks superstar cornerback Richard Sherman found this out the hard way after the NFC championship game where he made the game saving play and shall we say, was quite exuberant about it while speaking with a Fox Sports reporter.

As a result, he was labeled a “thug” and worse (N-word).

Since then Sherman, a graduate of Stanford University, has been working very hard to prove to the world he’s the exact opposite of a thug. Evidence of that is clip below of Sherman surprising a you Seattle Seahawks fan named Nikolas and his sister on The Queen Latifah Show.

It seems little Nikolas wrote a letter saying that he is a big fan of Sherman and that he’s really a good guy.

Sherman was so moved by 6-year-old Nikolas’ letter that he retweeted it to his nearly one million followers.

“It really touched me because I felt like this little kid got me. He understood that I’m not a bad guy.”