Robert Townsend*When Robert Townsend was in his prime of filmmaking,  “Hollywood Shuffle and “The Five Heartbeats were classic results.

Nowadays, he says black films are made a little differently — with a powerful tool.

He credits social media and the Internet as a whole to promote black filmmaking.

“The Internet and social media are game changers,” Townsend said.

“Now, you could personally reach a target audience and send your trailer out, you can market it, you can put up a website and you can sell it. So, it’s like your own distribution pipeline.”

Nowadays, black films are becoming more impacting than ever. It’s being called the golden age of black films. And Townsend talked about the resurgence of good black filmmakers.

“There were seeds planted and all of a sudden there’s Antoine Fuqua and F. Gary Gray. They were like, ‘If you guys can do it, we can do it’. So, I think there’s a resurgence, which is good because now there’s real discussion going on around images of people of color and we’re seeing different types of images.”