*It sounds like 1992.

Then again, it sounds like the evolution of A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul.

The HeavyLight is the personification of Rhythm and Poetry; the multi-talented collective has united in sonic matrimony to provide hip-hop heads that’ve long outgrown baggy jeans and boomin’ systems something to nod their heads to that’s current, but classic. This collection of emcees, producers, poets and songwriters have constructed multi-layered arrangements built on samples, a matured worldview and love for the boom bap.

One listen to their introductory EP Ocean’s Eleven and you understand that this is hip-hop for grown folks; “Canned Soul Food” find the M.C.’s trading verses about their respective femme fatales the way Fat Lip admired his beauty from a distance and Q-Tip desired Bonita Applebum in close proximity. The remainder of the project is dedicated to the art of moving butts, the way we did growing up and still do between mortgage payments. It’s clean fun with the edge we’re accustomed to, smoothed out to what’s become familiar, but steeped in lyricism because, that still matters.

Native Tongue Tribute

These artists have stepped on stages from the Apollo to Def Poetry and still rock a house party every now and again. Check out Ocean’s Eleven and if you’re in the New York City area, drop by Olivia (1074 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn) as The HeavyLight and others pay tribute to the Native Tongue collective while raising money and awareness for the National Black Writers Conference.