b scott

*Somehow B. Scott has found a way and reason to compare himself to Oprah. Well. not exactly Oprah, but Oprah’s character in “The Color Purple.”

As we reported, B. Scott is suing BET, claiming the network humiliated him during last year’s BET Awards by removing him from the show because he was wearing women’s clothes. We should also mention, for the record, B. Scott is an  openly gay transgender person.

Scott says in the deposition, obtained by TMZ, that before the incident he hadn’t thought of himself as a transgender person, but during his battle with BET he came to realize that’s exactly who he is.

“I feel like Sofia in ‘The Color Purple.’ All my life I had to fight!’ Because of my experience with BET, it led me to the realization that I am transgender because of my gender identity and expression, it was specifically because of my gender and not my sexuality that made me a target.”

Wow, who knew Oprah and B. Scott had something in common? Actually they don’t, but you understand what he’s trying to say, right?