kendall jenner braids,*Don’t mess with Black Twitter!

And although Marie Claire didn’t directly mess with Black Twitter, the fashion magazine’s tweet about Kendall Jenner‘s “epic level” braids sure did.

The publication acted as if Jenner was revolutionizing a new hairstyle, but it was left to Black Twitter to set it straight.

Black women (and black men) have been wearing that hairstyle and braided hair forms since FOREVER! And to give Jenner credit for being trendsetter was a big mistake on the magazine’s part.

This isn’t the first time cultural appropriation has caused controversy. It’s no different from giving Miley Cyrus credit for twerking!

Actress Reagan Gomez-Preston was one of many who called out Marie Claire.

reagan gomez preston tweets,

Marie Claire issued an apology for the ignorance!

marie claire tweets,

Mmm hmm…. sure, Marie Claire!