chingy*Years after talk surfaced about Chingy messing around romantically with a transgender model, the rapper is addressing the effect the rumor had on his music career.

According to Chingy, the blame for the rumor’s impact lies with the model, Sidney Starr, as well as those who took the rumor to heart and spread it around.

“It goes to show you that that person who nobody knew had that much power to come out and say one negative thing about me and a whole mass of people just instantly took to it. And they didn’t have not one piece of evidence,” the former Disturbing tha Peace MC said during a recent interview with Vlad TV as he revealed how the rumor ruined him professionally. “I lost a deal cause of that… It was sad to me. Because it was so much bad publicity around it…I’ve never been through a sabotage situation like that. And it was so fabricated and false.”

During the interview, Chingy confirmed that he and Starr were not intimate. The entertainer later remembered his first meeting with the model, which took place while she was a backup dancer at a Ludacris concert in Chicago. At the time of the encounter, Chingy said that Starr was wearing body paint and on stage with other women for a promotional appearance. It was during this time that she asked Chingy for a picture.

Sidney Starr & Chingy

Sidney Star & Chingy

“I thought she was a fan. I thought it was a young lady who was a fan. She seemed pretty cool. I took the picture,” he stated, while admitting that he was blindsided when rumors of him having a relationship came to light. “Two years after that, I see something come out of some bull crap about this transsexual person was in a relationship with me. I was just like everybody else. I didn’t have a clue at what this person was talking about.”

Despite the rumor taking on a life of its own, Starr ultimately apologized to Chingy while admitting to lying about their relationship.

“I met him as a fan because I was a backup dancer,” she said in a videotaped apology. “Chingy didn’t know anything about me. He didn’t know my background. He didn’t know I was transgender. I just need people to know that the things I said about Chingy weren’t true.”