Ledisi *Since arriving on the scene, Ledisi has let her singing do the talking.

The singer-songwriter, who released her seventh album “The Truth” in March, stopped by Yahoo! Music studio to perform three tune. Although she now has a solid fan base, things were different when Ledisi started out.

“I’m different,” she told Yahoo Music’s Billy Johnson Jr. “I look different, I’m a different kind of performer. At the time [that I started] it was all Destiny’s Child; we didn’t have Jill Scott yet, and they didn’t know where to put me. But I guess I never gave up.”

Ledisi’s hard work eventually paid off when producer Rex Rideout recruited her to record a cover of Luther Vandross‘s “My Sensitivity” for the tribute album “Forever, for Always, for Luther.” From there it was nowhere to go but up as her Verve debut, 2007’s “Lost & Found,” collected a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist.

In addition to the Grammy recognition, Ledisi gained a new fan in Michelle Obama. In 2010, the first lady told People magazine that Ledisi was one of the artists in her iPod.

Needless to say, Ledisi was ecstatic.

“‘Whoa, our First Lady knows me!'” she said about her reaction to having Mrs. Obama as a fan. “She could have picked all these other people. I’ve been [to the White House] seven times. I love them, they’re great people. They love music. They’re from Chicago. Chicago is the port of music.”

In addition to the first lady, Ledisi chatted about studying opera, “The Truth’s” many tributes to Michael Jackson, why she decided to showcase her dancing in the video for “I Blame You,” and what she has in common with rap stars Master P and Too Short.

To see Ledisi’s interview with Yahoo! Music’s Billy Johnson Jr., check out the video below:

Watch Ledisi perform “I Blame You”:

Check out Ledisi performing more songs at Yahoo Music, HERE.