Maria Arroyo, froze to death in morgue

*Warning: This is a very hard story to wrap your brain around. It’s bad enough to lose someone we love, but to learn that they suffered is even worse.

A California man is suing the doctor who declared his wife dead.


Because he claims she woke up in the morgue and froze to death as she  struggled to escape.

The diagnosis was that Maria Arroyo, 80, had died as a result of cardiac arrest, and when husband Guadalupe Arroyo saw the condition of her body, he thought staff at White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles had mishandled her. But morticians found  her body face-down in the metal morgue compartment, with a broken nose along with bruises and cuts too severe to mask. The body bag was also partially open.

The conclusion is that Maria wasn’t dead when they said she was.

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