marlo hampton & nene leakes

*As with everything in life (or on TV), nothing lasts forever.

Such is the case of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta, according to the hosts of “The Ryan Cameron Morning Show,” who interviewed the show’s unofficial cast member Marlo Hampton. As talk turned to the fate of “RHOA,” Hampton put her two cents into the discussion with an admission to being open to a spin-off featuring her, NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore.

“Kenya and NeNe would be tied; they’re both great for TV,” Hampton said when asked who she would save if “RHOA” suddenly got cancelled. “NeNe is a fool to me because if she was smart, I would be like, ‘Marlo, Kenya, let’s make a show.’ You need to be getting a production team and say Marlo and Kenya come on my team and stop hating and say we all good TV.”

As Hampton’s idea for a spin-off lingered, the hosts shifted gears to get confirmation regarding talk that Porsha Williams is getting fired from “RHOA” after her fight with Kenya at the season 6 reunion.

“I didn’t hear that, but I know definitely Bravo isn’t excited about violence,” a tight-lipped Hampton stated while speculating that the alleged incident won’t simply go unnoticed by Bravo. “I think something will come of it. I really think so and I know definitely Kenya will not be going anywhere.”

As for Williams herself, Hampton believes that Williams would stand a better chance of being cut from the show instead of Moore, when asked who she would let go. Marlo’s reason for the cut, according to her, would boil down to Porsha not being interesting enough to keep the attention of viewers.

“Porsha would go,” Marlo said “Porsha I would want to keep just for cuteness. To me, Porsha is really cute. Cute shape, but she doesn’t really bring it. She’s eye candy, I’ll give her that.”