mimi faust & stevie j

*Mimi Faust‘s advice to Stevie J is pay his child support. Then, every source of his income wouldn’t had been given a subpoena.

OK, it was more like blasting him than advising him.

But the point is, Faust isn’t too fond of Stevie J anyways.

Apparently, she had Mona Scott Young produce her sex tape — which is basically a porno — to get back at Stevie J.

She dished to Hip Hop Enquirer about how she feels about Stevie J’s ongoing child support case.

She threw up her hands, laughed and said, “he made his bed” — referring to the possibility he could go to jail for not paying ex, Carol Antoinette Bennett.

He owes Bennett more than $1 million in back child support.

But Faust said, she needs him around.

“I got one though. I got one. So I really need him out so he can do what he needs to do for that one,” she said.

Nevertheless, by Faust’s lack of silence when asked how he’s doing with their daughter, indicated he’s not doing much.

But that doesn’t mean Stevie J won’t jump to Faust and his daughter’s defense when need be.

mim ifaust daughter,

Stevie J asked the guy who posted this to Instagram, “where u at homie.” The guy said, “hell naw Stevie J! You ain’t having me killed!! haha.”

Watch the interview below: