*When Whitney Houston’s sister-in-law Pat Houston got a restraining order against Bobbi Kristina Brown’s husband, Nick Gordon, on March 24, the 24-year-old reportedly responded he didn’t “give a f**k.”

Nearly a month later, Radar Online is reporting that he has continued to launch derogatory tweets thoguth to be aimed at the Houston family matriarch.

“You don’t like me b*tch and I love it,” he wrote just one week after the order was filed. And the tweets only got more disturbing from there.

“Now crawl your head in that noose,” he wrote on April 12. Pat was briefly hospitalized in 2013 after a suicide scare, but later insisted it was all a misunderstanding.

And one week later, he tweeted, “That b*tch need to stop trippin about me and keep cookin crack for her husband…. F*ck you smiling for.”

Gordon first ignited the feud in early March, when he tweeted photos of a rifle with the disturbing tweet, “Pat b***h Gary M I’m Freddy [Kreuger] to y’all n****z. F* you suck my d**,” on March 16. That was followed by still more pictures of guns.

Although it wasn’t clear Gordon was directly threatening Pat and Gary in those posts or the new ones, the restraining order still stands, barring him from coming within 200 feet of the duo.

His wife of three months has yet to comment, tweeting only that she is “So misunderstood. Even by the ones who think they know me best.”

Pat’s tensions with the couple date back to their engagement in 2012, when she said that the match was “unacceptable,” considering that Brown and Gordon had been raised as siblings.

“Everyone gets it wrong,” Gordon insisted at the time. “I was never officially [adopted by Whitney] … It’s not incest.”