oprah sterling comments

*TMZ caught Oprah Winfrey leaving CBS headquarters in New York this morning and asked her if she had any advice for the Los Angeles Clippers in the wake of their owner Donald Sterling’s racist comments.

“I don’t have any advice,” she told the gathered paps. “But all I gotta say is – we’re off the plantation. The plantation days are over.”

Yesterday on “The Talk,” co-host Sheryl Underwood suggested that Winfrey purchase the Clippers, to wild applause. A pap asked if she would consider it.

“No, I won’t be buying the Clippers, but I hear that Magic Johnson might be,” she said, adding, “That would be really cool.”

Although this Sterling issue has dominated the news cycle since breaking on Saturday, Oprah says as far as sports scandals go, it doesn’t hold a candle to O.J. Simpson.

“Everybody remembers where they were when that Bronco was going down the [freeway].”

Oprah is also asked what her first question to Donald Sterling would be if she ever got to interview him. Listen to her answer below.