single moms - sex - do not disturb*(Via iDateDaily) – That’s great, right?  You’re happy, you’re enjoying the flirtatious texting, you’re in a good place, but you’re a single mom.  Is that a problem when it comes to dating and sëx?  It might be and it might not be.  Only you can know the answer.

Here are a few guidelines that you may like to take into consideration before stepping into a sëxual relationship as a single mother:

AgeYou can be a single mom at 25 or 45, the age doesn’t matter. What does matter is the age of your children. A six year old, whose mom goes out with a ‘friend’ in the beginnings of a relationship, has a very different outlook on life and different ideas of what life is about, than a sixteen year old.

Take your time when introducing your new man to your children and having him sleep over. If your children are old enough and mature enough, discuss how they feel about it. If they are not comfortable, you shouldn’t be either. Have your children stay at a friend’s place for the night so that they are not confronted with their mom ‘doing it’ or better still, have your man take you away for a romantic weekend.

Although it will happen at some time, it shouldn’t happen at the expense of your children’s feelings.

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