couple with bedroom problems*Do you feel that your sexy mood has been on a slump? Even worse, has it come to a complete stop? Have you been struggling to get it going but it feels like things are just going downhill?

Before you worry too much, which isn’t going to do you any good, here are some sex zappers you should be aware of:

Killer #1 – Stress. Overworking and constantly being stressed can deprive you of much needed rest and sleep. Who would feel sexy when their nerves are frayed and fraught? You are less likely to enjoy steamy moments when you are tired and exhausted.

Killer #2 – Unhealthy lifestyle. Poor choice of food and eating habits, too much partying, too much alcohol and smoking can hamper you from enjoying a tumble in the sheets with your lover.

Killer #3 – Side effects of medications. Certain drugs have side effects and can dampen your sexual desire. So if you are on medication, ask your physician if this would affect your libido.