*(Via iDateDaily) – Rapper Nelly is best known for his successful album titled “Country Grammar” and putting his hometown, St. Louis, MO, at the forefront of mainstream media.

While he has remained out of the spotlight for some time now, he still emerges every now and then to discuss life, love, and relationships.

Typically speaking, I am not interested in what misogyny-promoting rappers have to say… After all, he did slide a credit card between a woman’s @ss in his “Tip Drill” video. So, when I ran across an interview of him discussing marriage, I was a bit reluctant to press play; however, a friend insisted that I watch the interview… And I gave in.

By no means am I saying that Nelly is offering golden wisdom on the subject of marriage, but I think what he’s saying is worth listening to and possibly attempting to understand. Although his very “publicly secret” relationship with R&B singer Ashanti came to a screeching halt, he doesn’t seem to be ruling out love completely. In fact, it seems like he is very open to the possibility of marrying the “right” woman.

Just as women get caught in the hype of passing up good guys for men with swag, bachelors like Nelly probably feel no obligation to rush into a commitment with a “good” woman because they have so many gorgeous women — who are willing to do any and everything in the bedroom — chasing them.

Check out Nelly’s video chat about marriage at iDateDaily.