janice schacter

Janice Schacter

*(Via iDateDaily) – Everyone is familiar with the adage “don’t bite the hand that feeds you,” but you never really consider the implications your biting can have on your life.

Recently, a high-profile couple finalized their divorce, but not without the expected battles that come with divorcing. Now, unlike other couples, this was a battle that came with a price tag in the millions. The ex-wife (pictured left), after the judgment, walked away with the following:

• $855,000 in partnership value of the ex-husband’s business
• $15,000 a month in alimony
• $3,000 a month in child support
• half of more than $10 million in other marital assets

Now, to some people, those figures are a very generous settlement, however, the ex-wife could have possibly received more. Apparently, the ex-wife reduced her settlement value because of the negative remarks she made about her ex-husband.

The judge presiding over the divorce indicated that the flagrant statements about the ex-husband’s character were a factor in the diminution of his business and other business ventures. Therefore, she will get less because she was one of the causes for a reduction in his business profits.

Previously, I discussed considerations regarding marital property and attacking your ex using social media outlets, and this case is a clear example of how it can impact you by hitting you in the pockets or pocketbook.

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