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*If some of you weren’t happy with the outcome the first time Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley got together, then there’s no doubt that you had to be completely joyious after Saturday’s rematch went down.

Folks, I got to tell you something. These guys had a score to settle and they weren’t mincing any words between each other leading up to this latest episode. In the pre-fight hype Bradley insinuated that Pacquiao didn’t have the “killer instinct” to win against him and if you didn’t know him you probably would have thought that as you saw and heard his responce to those accusations. I’ve come to  know him personally as he has commissioned me twice to paint his portrait and I’ve got to tell you that  Pacquiao is a very mild mannered guy, and you never hear him bragging or boasting about what he might do to a guy in the ring. But when he puts those gloves on he becomes a totally different person such as what we witnessed last Saturday night.

Bradley on the other hand, was saying  that he was going for the knockout and that was what he attempted to do at the opening bell, which was a huge mistake  because after the fourth round, he had excerted so much energy that he looked to be done, and the ” Pacman” began to have his way.

He was connecting him with combinations and backing him up throughout the rest of the bout and appeared to be determined to not leave anything in the judges hands.

At the end of twelve rounds, it was obvious to all three judges and people all around the world that Manny Pacquiao was the winner and had regained the WBO welterweight title.

And now you may ask what’s next for both fighters? Well let’s start with Bradley, he’s only 30 years old and in his prime with only one loss in 32 bouts. You would have to agree that there are still opportunities out there for him as the welterweight division is full of guys that are at the top tier level that he can go against that’s if two of boxing’s biggest promoters can iron out their differences. Guys like Shawn Porter, Paulie Malignaggi (who by the way, are set to go against each other soon) Amir Khan and then there’s Mayweather.  Unfortunately,  a lot of these fighters are being promoted by Oscar De La Hoya and are managed by Al Hayman who at this point refuse to talk to Bob  Arum.  This writer believes that there has to be something done and that real men can sit down and talk to each other, otherwise we will never see boxing go back to those days when it was really good.  Now that Pacquiao has regained his stature as the one that Mayweather needs to beat to cement his position as the best that ever laced on the gloves, everyone in the boxing world, and in the public is demanding that the powers that be and the fighters come to the table and work out a deal to make this historic bout come to fruition between Mayweather and Pacquiao. As I always say, we’ll see what happens.

In case some of you missed the fight it will be replayed this Saturday night April 19 at 11 p.m. on HBO Sports

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