*”Real Housewives of Atlanta”  star Porsha Williams is involved with new drama, off-camera, that has nothing to do with being a house wife.

The drama surrounds reports that she allegedly stole a song called ‘Perfectly Worthless‘, from producer Pierre Medor and “R&B Divas” singer, Syleena Johnson.

After hearing reports, media partner spoke with Syleena exclusively, asking for her thoughts on the matter. Were you surprised at all that Porsha allegedly took ‘Perfectly Worthless’, a song that you have on your new album?
Syleena: I was surprised to hear the song on her show. I am/was confused maybe, but not really anything else. Are you concerned at all that the single will lose momentum because of Porsha’s version?
Syleena: I am not concerned about the momentum because it is a great song. Great songs will break thru. The people will make the call.

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