truth minista paul scott

TRUTH Minista Paul Scott

*Saying that Hip Hop  has swayed from its spiritual path , a NC minister is calling for a “Rap Revival” this Easter Weekend.

Minister Paul Scott , founder of the Messianic Afrikan Nation is calling on the Hip Hop Nation to return to its spiritual roots. He says that Hip Hop culture is spiritually based  but today’s artists have deviated from that path and only worship the almighty dollar. Scott is asking that Hip Hop artists make a “covenant” this weekend to return Hip Hop to its spiritual genesis.

For many fans, Hip Hop and spirituality had become a topic of a bygone era but the recent controversy following Jay Z’s wearing a Five Percent Nation medallion at a Brooklyn Nets basketball game has sparked a renewed interest in the subject.

During the early years of Hip Hop there was a spiritual component, and the persuit of Knowledge was a key element. Rappers, such as KRS One, Brand Nubian and The X-Clan included forms of spirituality in their music. However, Scott argues that the rap music of today is spiritually void.

“Somebody stole the soul of Hip Hop, its time for us to take it back,” says Scott. ” We need a  Rap-ture.”

Min. Paul Scott aka TRUTH Minista is based in Durham NC. In 1999, Scott coined the phrase “Afrikan Liberation Theology” which he says is the “Black Liberation Theology of the Hip Hop generation.”

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