Branches high and low tore at A.J.’s skin, as he ran naked and bleeding through the woods. The hard, cold November earth, cut his feet, and compromised his attempted escape even more. A.J. was running on pure fear… If he could hold on for another three minutes, then it was possible he might escape the lunatic that pursued him…He tried to ignore the feeling of nausea, and the stale taste of warm bile in his mouth, as he ran toward an opening in the barbed wire fence that encircled the property. Five feet from the opening, he stepped awkwardly on a rock, and felt the violent snap of his Achilles tendon… There was very little question whether or not A.J. would die on this cold, November night. It was no longer his life that he begged for. At this point, the best he could hope for was that his death would come quickly, and that he would be spared the type of slow torture his tormentor threatened him with.” Excerpted from Eriq La Salle’s “Laws of Wrath.”

eriq lasalle

Los Angeles, CA — Actor/Director Eriq La Salle, best known to worldwide television audiences for his award-winning portrayal of Dr. Peter Benton on the critically acclaimed medical drama ER, continues to broaden his wide-ranging talent beyond TV and film with the forthcoming release of his second novel, “Laws of Wrath” (June 17, 2014; ISBN: 978-0-9916558-0-9; Paperback; $14.95). The highly anticipated novel is the follow-up to “Laws of Depravity” hailed by Kirkus Reviews as “one of the best indie thrills and kills of 2013” with a starred review and awarded “Best Thriller Honors” in the Reader’s Favorite International Competition.

In “Laws of Wrath,” readers will be riveted once again with a page-turning saga that leaves them as breathless as a best-selling thriller from any of the genre’s icons. “Wrath” uncovers dark secrets from the past that seemed forever buried. After closing the case of the serial killer known as the Martyr Maker – a self-proclaimed angel of death sent by God to punish unworthy men of the cloth – NYPD detectives Quincy Cavanaugh and Phee Freeman, along with FBI agent Janet Maclin, race to stop a cult from ritualistically murdering victims for the purpose of extracting their souls. When the family of one of our heroes is personally targeted, lines are crossed and the law is no longer about redemption, but about retribution.

“Being both an actor and director, my objective in developing the ‘Laws’ series was to create a world populated by characters that are so compelling and visual that readers are still wrestling with them long after they’ve finished reading,” says La Salle. “These are the type of books in my opinion that make the best translation into a cinematic medium. The goal is simple: to create a riveting book franchise that becomes a riveting television or film franchise.”

Not surprisingly, Hollywood is never too far out of La Salle’s creative view. In addition to his successful foray into the world of book publishing, La Salle continues his critically acclaimed career behind the camera. In addition to finishing up directorial duties on NBC’s new action/thriller series Crisis, starring Gillian Anderson and Dermot Mulroney set to premiere this month, La Salle is also on board to direct episodes of CBS’ hit science fiction thriller, Under The Dome, based on the Stephen King novel. The second season has been announced to return in June.

“The opportunity to direct various genres of TV like Crisis and Under The Dome allows me the chance to explore different styles of storytelling while simultaneously examining universal themes that all people can relate to in one way or another.”

As such, 2014 is shaping up to be a busy year for the multi-talented La Salle. With his rising star in literature and ongoing strides as a director and actor, La Salle is poised to be the ultimate triple threat.

Advance galleys of “Laws of Wrath” are now available for review.

laws of wrath

By Eriq La Salle
On sale: June 17, 2014
ISBN: 978-0-9916558-0-9 Paperback – $14.95
ISBN: 978-0-9916558-1-6 E-Book – $9.99
Price: $14.95


“In addition to the absorbing, fast-paced plot that will keep readers guessing until the end, each wonderfully sculpted character has a distinct, lifelike personality. The plot offers catalysts for change while raising spiritual questions and blurring the line between good and evil, which propels the story upward from being merely a solid, entertaining thriller to being a gripping must-read that could have readers pondering right and wrong long after they’ve finished. A delightfully twisting roller-coaster ride through light, dark and the shades between.” — Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

Laws of Depravity by Eriq La Salle should be on a fast track to Best Seller status. It is the story of good vs. evil where it’s not always clear who are the good, and who are the evil. Laws of Depravity may be the most engrossing book you read this year, bar none. – Lee Ashford, Reader’s Favorites

Eriq La Salle, in Laws of Depravity, has written an utterly compelling and riveting thriller with echoes of the dark master, Thomas Harris. Here, La Salle also adds a surprising twist by weaving in a spiritual component that raises the narrative to lofty and thought-provoking levels. It’s a wonderful accomplishment. – Leonard Chang, Author of Over the Shoulder and Crossings

“I have never been an avid reader of thrillers but Laws of Depravity is a book I could not put down. I LOVED IT! It has a nail-biting plot and characters that I can’t help but want to know more about. I gasped, I cried, I laughed. The only thing wrong with this book is that book #2 is not immediately available.” — Elisha Wilson Beach, reader review on

“A definite “DON’T WANNA PUT IT DOWN” book! From being a thriller to a love story to a tear jerker…it hit every emotion. The twists and surprises kept me intrigued, shocked and wanting more. I loved the short chapters that kept my interest and had me reading til I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. I can’t WAIT for book number 2!!!” –SRR, reader review on

“I happened upon this book by accident because of a recommendation on twitter from the author. Read the back and it sounded interesting so I thought I’d give it a try. Well, it was everything a mystery lover could hope for! I couldn’t put it down! Even though you know some details early, the suspense is never ending and the author has some great suprises and shocks that he spills out at the end! The subplots are also quite good. I highly recommend this book for fans of the mystery/thriller genre.” — Amkj, reader review on

“I loved this book! I could not put it down. Reading it felt like I was
there experiencing the thriller taking place. It was very unpredictable
and the ending left me feeling satisfied.” — eb504310, reader review on


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