New novel by Alvin Horn "One Safe Place" published by Zane & Strebor Books

New novel by Alvin Horn “One Safe Place” published by Zane & Strebor Books

*Spreading his writing excellence coast-to-coast, Northwest author Alvin L.A. Horn exploded onto the national literary scene with his second novel “Perfect Circle. ”

Now we have the much anticipated third novel, “One Safe Place.” Since his first self-published release “Brush Strokes” in 2006, he has become an award-winning author of short-stories, essays, poetry and spoken word awards. He was the 2012 Billboard Awards Male Spoken Word winner.

Alvin L.A. Horn returns to the bookstores and major online outlets as an author under the umbrella of Simon and Schuster Publishing and the imprint of Zane’s Strebor Books.

“One Safe Place” is an outstanding novel that takes the reader on a journey into the lives of four main characters. In expert form, Horn shapes characters and their journey by taking the readers back to their youth and early careers that influenced the trials and tribulations they encounter as mature adults; ultimately leading to triumph. Like a well-seasoned ensemble, the storytelling is a jazz ballet in written rhythm. The melody of Horn’s composition will allow readers to experience the gamut of feelings as you read each voice clearly singing their distinctive blues in the love game, and the ecstasy when overcoming life’s challenges. One Safe Place moves fast into mystery, danger and sexual tension that boils as the story grips you and takes you deep into its maze of plots and sub-plots. Surrounding you with suspense, discovery and redemption, Psalms Black, Gabrielle Brandywine, Tylowe Dandridge and Evita Rivers are characters living complicated lives. In One Safe Place the deviant creep out of waters and from behind snow-capped mountains and mix with politics, sex and dark money shadows. If evil acts of putting hands on a woman, or threatening a child, or harming a friend, you better hope Psalms Black and his friends don’t find out or someone could come up missing, or wish they had. Whether someone is on the right side of morality or if someone steps over the line, everyone wants and needs One Safe Place.

One Safe Place intertwines the subjects of pre, present and post political life, and hidden truths, and underground crimes, and marriage life, after years gone-by is love floating along or sinking. Finely crafted, One Safe Place is one book that both sexes will enjoy reading.

Alvin L.A. Horn offers an excellent story of real life-changing moments mixed with gut wrenching decisions and emotions. Readers from all backgrounds will absorb themselves in the compelling narrative of a story rich in Northwest imagery and social conscious. Alvin L.A. Horn’s One Safe Place deserves a place on the shelves of libraries, and homes.